TofLang is an artistic proposal with a fresh approach to live instrumental experiences, uncovering intriguing
sound elements and spontaneous moving image displays.

This performance project began in Barcelona, in 2010. Pioneered by the multitalented musician Rafael Giner, who covers lyrics, composition, guitar, synthesisers and vocals. Alongside him are Tomas Mena on percussion and Julio Urbina on visuals.

TofLang creates their defining music by developing multiple layers and infinite textures through improvisation. Using both acoustic and synthetic sounds, they deliver their sequences together with live visual improvisation to compliment and support their audio performance.

TofLang offers an original, inspiring, high-energy artisanal performance of premium musical and aesthetic quality.
Their first EP “Live Sessions” was recorded live and released in July 2011 (Music and visuals by TofLang, Video directed and edited by Phrancks,